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The story appeared in the January 1974 issue of Car Craft under the title King Kong is Living on Long Island.. robert123 Posts: 107 Joined: Thu Sep 12, 2013 9:21 pm. We also talk briefly about the main types of H-Body engine swap mounts. Their design starts off as a mini Camaro up front.. they are a lightweight platform that accepts a V8, as shown in an article from February 1972. The left-side lower control arm ripped itself free from the frame after a hot-rodding session out to the Burger King in New Westminster. Hooker Engine Mount Brackets Limited To Stock On Hand - 71-74 Vega/Monza: Super Competition Engine Swap Mounting Brackets for Chevy V-8 Small Block Front Frame Trans Black Finish Turbo 350 Powerglide Turbo 400 Part # 12601HKR Be the first to write a review Not Available 5 Emissions Also, it has a big-block style oil dipstick mount on the driver's side of the oilpan where the dipstick would enter through the side of the oilpan. The gauges are Auto Meter, the steering wheel is a removable Mark Williams piece, and the shifter is a Hurst Pistol Grip Quarter Stick. . See . I modeled the suspension1 out of cardboard, and I was able to clearly see how the suspension was reacting. Thanks. JEGS reserve the right to determine the eligibility of all price matched items.Cannot be combined with promo code offers. 1973 Chevrolet vega v8 in Valley Springs, CA 1973 Chevy vega with a small block Chevy 350ci. Part Number: TRD-4684. Since I was on the cheap, I kept those. While the ready-made kits would get the V8 into any Vega, the Panel Express was the preferred version because of the lack of a rear seat, as well as, ironically, 'increased' rear-biased vehicle weight which would help traction somewhat (something that was really needed when a high-horsepower engine was stuffed into a small, lightweight car . '72 Chevy Vega Kammback with nice V8 rumble | Newest addition to my stable of longroofs | Vega EP1 BurnoutsAndRotorblades 59K views 2 years ago How to Build a Dumpster LS (aka boost ready) No. Be the first . There are a number of aftermarket oilpan manufacturers, but you can easily make your own if you check the clearances and can weld. The color? The kits aren't that spendy. This wide body IMSA inspired Vega features LS3 power a TKO 500, and substantial body work. If you intend to use factory V8 Monza exhaust manifolds then the dipstick location may be a problem. (2) $726.95 JEGS 30065 - Painted Long Tube Headers for Pontiac 326-455 (17) $232.99 Trans Dapt 4689 - Engine Swap Motor Mount Kit Small Block C. (2) Always consult the head manufacturer before purchasing headers for use on AFTERMARKET or NON-STOCK heads, or contact the Hedman Tech Department at 562.921.0404 (8-4:30pm PST M-F). (exc. The new owner had begun painting it, had installed the 9 differential, and had also done some minor repairs. Baldwin, New York 11510-0597 About a year after I had built and sold my V8 Pinto Wagon, I found it again driving around in Salmon Arm, BC. If you've used any other aftermarket V8 Vega/Monza pan on a 400/383 successfully e-mail me. Did he know the whereabouts of any of them? The Motion hood looked cool but wasnt necessary for carburetor clearance. Msg & data rates may apply. Made out of 2x3x.083" and 2x2x.083" wall mild steel tubing. Considering the dubious weight balance and manual steering, I was hesitant to slam the Vega into a corner for fear of monstrous understeer. SORRY, WE DO NOT ACCEPT TELEPHONE ORDERS. . PART #: TD-9596. Nothing more came of it. pn# 10508 : pn# 10555 1 3/4" tubes : pn# 10510: . LS Powered Pro Street Vega Swap. We wondered why GM couldn't just build a nice, small lightweight V-8 that would give the Vega the smoothness and power that Americans were accustomed to. Logistics were painful. Worry about break bolt off from water pump . Check out their Phase III Vega in the April '99 issue of Super Chevy magazine, or go to the Motion Performance homepage at This car has matching engine and chassis numbers, so qualifies for export to the USA and the rest of the world. It was a beast to drive. We think the primary reason is the Camaro-ishness of the front end. A Moser centersection is stuffed with a healthy set of 3.73 Motive gears, and a 32-inch ladder bar suspension with Koni coilover shocks handles suspension duty under this ride. Another lesson to be learned from the V8 Monza is radiator surface area. The Hottest Design Shopping Made Fun 3 Row Racing Champion Radiator W/ 14" Fan for 1971-1977 Chevrolet Vega V8 Swap The latest design style cch-rc.com, C $798.06 Free shipping for many products Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 3 Row Racing Champion Radiator W/ 14" Fan for 1971 - 1977 Chevrolet Vega V8 Swap at the . With over $70,000 into the car, no expense was spared in building this Vega. Zero to sixty times are between 8 and 8.5 seconds and quarter-mile times are between 15.5 and 16 seconds. Fresno, CA 93711, USA. Trans-Dapt 11/07/95 CJS Chevy Vega V8 Conversion Kit made by Trans-Dapt, for as low as $591.59. Bolting the pan to the engine will prevent the oilpan from warping while you shape it. Reply HELP for help or STOP to opt out. I doctored a Rochester Quadrajet as shown in a Chevy Hi-Performance magazine, put in a new clutch, machined the flywheel, and squeezed it back into the Vega. It has the IECO kit from The 1970, s. It consist of steel sleeve. At the corners, Weld V-series wheels shod with 155/R15 Firestone rubber up front and 33x19.5x15 Mickey Thompson Sportsman Pro rubber out back get the power to the pavement. Phone# (516) 223-3172 or Fax# (516) 223-2117 Like that distant star, Charley Dennys spectacular Chevrolet Vega station wagon is light years away from the compact Chevy grocery-getter that rolled off of a Lordstown, OH assembly line back in 1976. For engines over 300 hp, or with a manual transmission, a narrowed 12-bolt differential is required, replacing the stock Vega unit. . The total weight of the car increased to only 2395 pounds, and its performance with the 215-cubic-inch V-8 engine is spectacular. This car only has 5500 miles since complete restoration- - Gray cloth interior GT dash AC Cowl hood. It does have an overflow tank that is always at the proper level. Moroso 20230 - Street/Strip Oil Pan V8 Vega/Monza (1) $361.99 Trans Dapt 4671 - Engine Swap Motor Mount Kit Small Block C. (0) $111.99 Hooker Headers 2129 - Super Comp Engine Swap Headers 265-40. All interior tinwork was done by East Coast Muscle Cars in Craley, Pennsylvania. Hes a wealth of old-school knowledge and his stories from back in the day are epic. 2023 JEGS High Performance. That changes if you grab the V8 conversion kit from Kugel Komponents. It was already bored .030, the crank was turned .010/.010, and I just freshened it up with new rings and bearings. Although it had an aluminum block and an overhead cam, the engine was larger, noisier and rougher than any other four-cylinder engine at the time. Location: Fresno, CA 93711. The core is 21" wide. A handmade velocity stack, with over 25 hours of metalwork, covers a 750-cfm Holley Dominator carb. Sondles explains: "You can actually find bolt-on fiberglass parts that were made back in the day. Full-length Header Tube Type, Temporary Paint, Steel. Although the notch is a must to clear the H-Body steering drag-link, the dipstick option is really for use of the factory exhaust manifolds and is not required for any aftermarket kit that I know of. Nevertheless, the Vega and its H-platform stablemates have long since fallen out of favor with hot rodders due to their scarcity. I triangulated the bars to I wouldnt need a Panhard rod, and I left the lower arms attached. With the big-block lard hanging over the front wheels, what do you think the spread was with an additional 400 pounds up front (Vega aluminum four-cylinder: 285 pounds; all-iron big-block: 685 pounds)? Below is a scan of how Moroso constructs their V8 Vega/Monza pan (P/N 20230). However, I have received reports from consumers who have tried this kit that some of the holes are in the wrong location preventing the brackets from bolting onto the engine. They still make them new if you can believe it. I was in college again, and brought the Vega to school. If I were to attempt this, I would fabricate a wooden shape that would fit inside the oilpan and still allow the pan to be bolted to the engine. Custom/Fabricated To top it off, over $3,500 worth of ARP fasteners adorn this ride; from the engine bay to the wheels. In reality, Motion was working with the integrity of a Dixie cup never meant for the girth or the output of a V-8 engine, never mind an all-iron Mark IV engine. . It sports a power bulge hood lettered with LSX 454, a low, black chin spoiler, and blacked out grille. The big-block Vega felt just as contained as the small-motor version Id driven, but then I was only peddling it steady-state and in a straight line. There are several outfits that sell V8 kits and Hedders for the Vega. I think it may be time to freshen it up. The .030-over 350 makes about 480 horsepower, and features GM camel-hump heads, a World Products Motown intake, a Holley Double-Pumper Carburetor, and even more go-fast goodies. The special 283 cu in (4.6 L) engines were used in a 1950s lightweight Corvette program, installed in the Chevrolet Engineering Research Vehicle (CERV), an open-wheel rear engine prototype. Be sure to check fan shroud and radiator clearances before starting the engine, no sense in trashing a new fan or radiator. The '71 and '72 annual kits had a body with a separate, opening rear hatch. If you still have the stock rear parking brake, the Vega, unlike all other GM cars, did not have a conventional means of self-adjusting the rear brakes. Please call or Email any needs. "This engine had 215-cubic inches of displacement and weighed 300 pounds less than its cast iron brothers. Unfortunately, I fell in love with it again. TCI full-manual 4L80 trans with trans-brake and converter. On top of this, you had to have the stock discs drilled for a 4 3/4-inch 5-lug pattern (in this case to accept 14-inch Cragar S/S hoops and F70 tires). After countless hours of hand sanding and blocking, they laid out a splendid Synergy Green finish over the wagons dead-straight exterior. V8 Radiator Super Chevy selected Grumpy's Vega one of the 100 Most Significant Chevys Of All Time. Most have already returned to the earth from whence they came. I felt compelled to tell you the tendency of these cars to run hot is not inherent to the confines of the engine compartment or any other design flaw.The correct combination will yield temperatures in the 175 to 185 range on a typical 100 day and never more than 190 even while idling in 100 ambient temperatures. V8 Radiator If I were to attempt this, I would fabricate a wooden shape that would fit inside the oilpan and still allow the pan to be bolted to the engine. When looking in the factory parts manuals for these, you'll only find them in Group 1.219 of the Chevrolet Parts Catalog Models thru 1975 (Chevrolet Parts Publication, Book No. Some "Home Made" Solutions (e-mail me yours) "The basic kit ($245) is designed to install the GM ALUMINUM V-8 engine in a late-model, 4-speed Vega. Headers. The production engine had cast-iron sleeves but work was progressing on eliminating this type of expensive construction." Towne Cpe.). To ensure the conversion, it needed surgery and chassis upgrades that posed giant warranty problems and legal liabilities, so none of Rosens usual dealership contacts wanted anything to do with it. Trip economy on the freeways is 30 mpg. Trans-Dapt 4686 Vega V8 Swap Mounts Only (5) Attachment Style: Bolt-on. "The basic kit ($245) is designed to install the GM ALUMINUM V-8 engine in a late-model, 4-speed Vega. See below table for gallery. It's mated to the corresponding LTG six speed manual transmission, and is followed by upgrades such as a Mustang GT500 aluminum driveshaft, and a V8 Monza rear end made sweeter by Moser Axles. He has performed two ring-and-bearing jobs since 1996. Providing a heartbeat to this compact fastback is a modern American V8. 75 - 80 LSx to Factory SBC V8 engine frame brackets: Headers: V-Band Collector flanges available: 71-80 4cyl LSx engine adapters : Factory V6 Use with pn10501 plate set. Body & Custom IMSA Body Kits, Fiberglass Body Parts, Decals, etc. The V8 Vega Building a V8 Vega About a year after I had built and sold my V8 Pinto Wagon, I found it again driving around in Salmon Arm, BC. MIMI, Bill Blandings Vegaone of Fred Forkners cars with (Wally)Booth-Arons powerplantis launching against Steve Bagwells Dodge Challenger at the 1973 NHRA Gatornationals in Gainesville, Florida. Voiture de collection Alpine A 110 A110 1600 S VB vendre de 1970, 0 km, sur ClassicNumber.com, le site incontournable des passionns de la voiture ancienne, de collection, de sport et de prestige. Its engine was shared with the Lagonda, but it used high-performance camshafts, increased . Really though, I wouldnt do another Vega. Home Fabricated Oilpans Thinking about it now, it was more a case of me excusing Motion for a car that should have had a narrowed 12-bolt at the least. He stopped for a long moment and said it started at $4,000 and went to $6 or $7,000 US dollars. If you need a Vega coolant recovery kit let me know. If you intend to use factory V8 Monza exhaust manifolds then the dipstick location may be a problem. The V8 Monza with A/C used a 2 row radiator with a very loose fin count to promote airflow. GM probably killed the idea because of pending projects including the Cosworth Vega and Wankel (rotary) engine. V8MONZA.COM - Product Catalog Exhaust Headers, etc. To the right is a scan of how Hooker suggests you modify the pan. Custom/Fabricated Promo Code discounts cannot be combined on orders with price matched items. And 1975's compact Monza did exactly that with the newly introduced 262 CI (4.3 liter) V8. A special radiator is also needed and Motion fabricates an aluminum crossflow job similar to ones used in hot Corvettes." One of the last engines was bored out to 302 cu in (4.9 L) for the Vega application. I also wrote some crap about the car being hurried to completion for our magazine deadline. A small-block Chevrolet V8 engine fits in the engine compartment; and a big-block V8 will fit with chassis modifications. It had Koni adjustable shock absorbers and an 18-inch diameter Flex-O-Lite fan. http://www.baldwinmotion.com. The Vega and I sailed straight through more than one big red stop sign. 97,995. ), I found a 75 Pontiac Astre (Chevy Vega Clone) for sale in the Buy & Sell. Notice the notch starts 3 1/2" from the front and is 6" long and 3 3/8" from the top. JEGSTER 940005K1: Chassis Kit for Vega, Monza, Starfire, Skyhawk, Sunbird, Astre RWD - JEGS High Performance Chassis Kit Free Shipping over $199* Same Day Shipping before 7pm* Price Match Guarantee Free Shipping over $199* Same Day Shipping before 7pm* Price Match Guarantee Help Center 1-800-345-4545 Gift Cards Track OrderTrack Order In the spirit of the law, they gave him a noogie, levied a nominal $500 fine and stipulated that all modified new vehicles (not just Vegas) would forever be export only; the preponderance of these mutants wound up smoking their big, fat tires in Puerto Rico, Iran, and the United Arab Emirates. Popular Hot Rodding on the Hot Rod Network June 19, 2013 "1971 Chevy Vega - The Jega"Woodys Hot Rodz builds a trend-busting 71 Vega for an industry icon"Historically, the Vega's compact dimensions and light weight made it a staple of race cars and street machines through the '70s and '80s. Auctions Search Auctions Live Now If looks aren't important and you want to save time and hassle, it may be possible to modify the oilpan without welding, but it will require care on your behalf to prevent damage to the engine or the oilpan. Also, it has a big-block style oil dipstick mount on the driver's side of the oilpan where the dipstick would enter through the side of the oilpan. Installing a larger radiator will also require a larger fan. Remote Mounted Oil Filters As work progressed, the artisans at Woody's built temporary scaffolding inside the body to hold the Vega skin to its factory dimensions while the work progressed. Wheel hop isnt the same is losing traction, and If you dont break traction, youll break something else.. This is the '72 Vega former drag car that I found in PA. Motion provided a raft of enablers. It would have been better served with vents to mitigate heat. Mount Material: Steel. Once all the critical fabrication was complete by Dane Heninger, the car was painted in-house by Woody's Hot Rodz and the steady hand of master painter Jamie Reedy. This is to clear the crossmember and the draglink. The V8 Vega movement took the idea of a small car and a big engine to various levels of extreme. Vega styling has stood test of time. dave verhague. These swap kits have been engineered by Holley for a easy bolt-in . The TransDapt kit is very similar to the Adaptec and Hooker SBC kit. Fits: V8 Vega/Monza chassis Accepts up to 3.48" stroke with steel rods; will not work with 400 cid (3.75" stroke) Fits 4 bolt Dart, GM and Merlin main caps Trap door baffling for improved oil control Specially designed to fit with stock Vega & Monza cross-member Reduces oil temperature Compatible with most starter/flywheel combinations Instructions

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